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For this residential roofing project, our team was tasked with upgrading an older roof to enhance its energy efficiency and durability.

The Challenge of Project

The existing roof was outdated and inefficient, leading to high energy bills. The challenge was to improve energy efficiency without compromising aesthetics.


We recommended a metal roofing system due to its excellent energy efficiency and longevity. Our team expertly installed the metal panels and added proper insulation. We also worked closely with the client to choose a color and style that complemented their home.


The upgraded roof not only lowered the homeowner's energy costs but also gave their property a modern, sleek appearance.

Project Details

  • Start Date : january 15, 2023
  • End Date : january 25, 2023
  • Clients : ABC Mojumdar Inc.
  • Tags: Metal Roofing, Industrial,
  • Category : Roofing Services

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